Namespace Technologies offers end-to-end solution development and specialises in the provision of short term, short-notice consulting and development services.

Namespace is a programming term defining the positioning of an entity within its environment. This is central to how Namespace Technologies approaches business and projects; we believe in optimising - not maximising - technology, and design solutions for the nuanced context in which they will operate.

Why Us? Our "Sweet Spot"

Niche organisations, unique requirements & specialised systems can be affordable. Strong client relationships and investment in the vision make for successful customised software.

Our love for transforming ideas into great custom software has drawn us toward a clientele of fresh, dynamic thinkers and smaller businesses.


Sport & Scoring

Our interest in air sports has led to our strength in the competition and scoring space.

InTime Scoring, the most-used skydiving scoring system worldwide, includes a range of formats and judging methods, big screen replays, video replay generation, publishing and broadcast support tools.

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InTime Version 15.0 released


Version 15.0 of the InTime Scoring software has been released and is available for download from our FTP server. Some of the newest changes:

  • FAI ISC 2024 rule changes
  • WS Acrobatic updates
  • WS Performance updates
  • Speed Skydiving updates
  • Canopy Piloting updates
  • and much more...